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Essays and Thoughts About WIITWD:
by Tanonymous

What It Is That We Do. That's a pretty broad-spectrum description of the many, varied and diverse activities of the BDSM community. Which is exactly as it should be, if we are to be a strong and healthy community. Together, we have the power to support and educate our members and make nifty things happen in the real world.

Munches and play parties, discussion groups, support groups, classes, workshops, community fundraisers and international leather lifestyle gatherings are all very nifty things. These are some of the benefits of a strong, healthy BDSM community.

Unless we can suspend our personal judgements about whose way is better or "more real" and simply accept that YKIOK (Your Kink Is OK), we risk losing these important resources. I think that's something well worth working for.

Spankers and floggers, fetishists and kinksters, Masters and Mistresses and slaves, dominants and submissives, tops and bottoms, sensation players and switches, gays and lesbians and bisexuals and heterosexuals, and transgenders who only bottom to women on alternate Wednesdays. These are the folk who make up our BDSM community. All of us. Come in and be welcome.

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