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What is NEW - Fall 2007

The Living Diary of a Submissive
natasha's Diary in new blog form. Timeless.
Beginning BDSM - Excellent section for those new to the lifestyle.
New Poetry and New Stories

#submission - What we are about. This tells a small bit of who and what you will find when you visit #submission EFnet.

Channel Rules - Basic rules and etiquette to abide by while visiting #submission
Channel Events - Listing of special events, Dom/me - submissive Auction, Discussions, "Scene" Nights, Trivia Games and more.
A Collar and Its Meaning - This section exists solely through contributions from members of #submission. Please send us the info for your upcoming ceremonies and we will post them.
Photo Gallery - Photographs of regulars; includes body art.
Scene Report - Reports of real time "scenes" and pictures outside of IRC
#Submission "Scene" - Scening etiquette and scene logs.
BDSM Truth or Dare Database - Use these questions to get a game going on channel.

#submission_discuss - Our free thinking side. This is where our bi-monthly BDSM discussions happen.

Date and Times - A schedule of upcoming speakers and topics. Updated Weekly
Discussion Logs - Here you can read logs from previous discussions on a wide array of topics.
Submissive *Only* Forum - This is a new discussion group open to all submissives where a variety topics will be discussed. Schedules and topics are posted here.
#Submission Events - Listing of special events, Dom/me - submissive Auction, Discussions, "Scene" Nights, Trivia Games and more.

D/s Lifestyle - Thoughtful words. Here you will find 25 essays depicting the BDSM lifestyle, events, safety information and more. New essays added this week.

Lifestyle Essays - What Dominance and submission mean to many.
Beginning BDSM - What Dominance and submission mean to man y.
Essays and Links Focusing on Safety - Extensive list of essays and links whose main focus is safety within a BDSM power exchange relationship.
Links to Contributing Authors - These are links to those who contributed essays to the website.
Events on #Submission - Related BDSM events happening on #submission
Announcements and Local Events - Find special BDSM events happening in your region.
Munches - A list of a few local "munches" or informal gatherings in your area.

Leather Bound - Erotic poetry, prose, art. And much more from members of #submission.

Poetry - #Submission members share their poetic thoughts.
Prose - Short stories depicting many interesting settings within the adult realm of BDSM. New "Different Loving Erotica Contest Winners".
Gallery - Computer art & illustrations from channel members
Dance - Erotic dances performed virtually.
Novels - I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore, by Hawkwood. Futuristic tale of corporal punishment. Also enjoy The Journeyman, a historical look at slavery and the fine art of spanking. Seven Days of Submission, Christopher'd journey into submission.
Erotic Photo Galleries - Fine photos for your enjoyment.
Wavs - Download them for your pleasure.
Erotic Wallpaper - Decorate your tired old computer screen.

Links - A HUGE list of links, on many topics, mostly BDSM related.

D/s Lifestyle - Personal Pages from #submission members, BDSM resource links, including; general, for the Dominant, for the submissive, on sexuality, regional web page, and web magazines.
Erotica - Most of the sites listed are free sites. Links include; Art and photography, bondage, spanking, fetish, stories, search engines and much more.
Fun and Often Useful - Links to an array of sites, including; free email sevices, free webspace, links for writers... too much to list here.
Shopping - Safe places to purchase BDSM toys, corsets, fetish wear, whips, canes and all the goodies.
Newsgroups and FAQs - A listing of usenet newsgroups that relate to the BDSM lifestyle. We also include sites that house FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) on many BDSM topics.
Civil Rights - Links to sites that deal in internet privacy issues and others.

About - Credits for this website.

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Created September 1997
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Thanks! Enjoy your reading and learning adventure! Play Safe and Enjoy!!!

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