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The information within this domain is not pornographic but of an adult nature. Please leave if you are under 18 years of age.
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The erotic and exciting art of Japanese bondage - appealing to many and for very good reasons. It is fun, it is erotic, it dramatically enhances your erotic power play and ..... once she is in these ropes it is very likely she never wants out of them anymore. Combined with shiatsu erotic massage techniques Shibari is one of the most erotic games you can play.

ShibariAbout this site

It took twenty years of research to compile the information, available on this site. Until recently no written information about Shibari Do - the Japanese rope bondage lifestyle and everything that comes with it - was available in English. And what little was, was incomplete and difficult to understand. Senseis (Shibari masters) and Doreis (Shibari submissives) as well as several Shibari performing artists from Japan and Europe contributed information, knowledge and often very personal pictures to what has grown to be the most complete site about the subject:

  • A Japanese rope bondage course with explanations of over fifty different bondages, complete with easy to use explanations and visual aids
  • Advanced techniques, suspension and more
  • The training of Shibari submissives
  • Meditation and spiritual aspects
  • Erotic shiatsu massage
  • Exclusive, high quality picture galleries holding thousands of exclusive photos
  • Related fetishes
  • Health and safety information
  • Background and cultural aspects

All in all a unique site that has no equivalent and one that is frequently updated and expanded.

The background of Japanese bondage

shinju bondageYou need to know about this, because you may miss some of the most intens effects if you do not. Shibari is a combination of bondage-effects like most of us know them (power, helplessness), beauty and aesthetics (compare the Japanese "Ikebana" style of presenting flowers if you like) and very intense erotic massage (by the ropes and knots) that is very similar to acupuncture and acupressure techniques and shiatsu (Japanese massage).

In the Oriental middle ages, bondage originally was developed as a torture technique in both Japan and China. And, like all forms of Oriental torture, what does the trick is time and repetition (like the eternal water-drip). In modern erotic Japanese bondage time is also a very important factor: take your time to build it up and take time to let the effect come out.

Basic technique

Although the Japanese mostly use rather rough types of rope (rice hemp), the general advice for erotic purposes is to use very soft and tender ropes, about 10 to 12 mm thick (half inch).

A Shibari bondage is built up in different layers. It is a very good idea to combine them with other, western types, such as a hog-tie. A second professional tip is to use a set of relatively short pieces of rope (unless otherwise specified you will need pieces of about 3 to 4 meters (3-5 yards), depending on your partners physique. Use only reef knots. If you do not know how to make one, it's simple: cross the left end of the rope over the right end and then go back crossing right over left (if you want to be a future bondage master, join the boy scouts at a very early age!).

The trick about using short pieces of rope is that you will be able to adjust certain parts without having to untie the whole thing (which is very helpful in just about every bondage, not only Japanese). You will find that your sub will ask you to tighten certain strings, once she is underway for a couple of hours. She needs the extra massage and the ropes will literally give her the idea that these are the only strings, holding her body together.

Right, having said all this, let's start with one. By the way, the bondage described here can be worn under normal clothing (how is that for a visit to your mother-in-law's, a nice dinner or just a day at work!!!).

SHINJU (Japanese word for pearls [i.e. the breasts])

Start off with rolling your first piece of rope around your sub's torso, just under the breasts (the ropes should touch these and will later support them). Do not do this too tightly but make sure the tightness of each individual winding is just about the same as the previous and the next one. Tie the ends together on the back: the knot should be right next to (not ON) the spine. Next you wind your second rope in exactly the same way around the torso, this time above the breasts.

Japanese bondageTake your last end of rope now, double it up and lead it under the lower windings until the rope is halfway under the winding, cross over one or two times and make a nice "V" leading the ends over the shoulders to the back. Pull it, until the lower windings push up the breasts a little, then tie both ends to the lower winding s. Again make sure your knot is next to the spine.

The erotic pressure comes from the ropes under the breasts and shoulders and from the knots massaging the spine at the very sensitive spot just below the shoulders. The breasts and the nipples will slowly start to feel the sensation of being slightly pressed and they will become more and more sensitive, even to clothing.

About our Shibari course

Shibari is originally taught through the complicated Japanese person-to-person system. It is a rare erotic form and there aren't many teachers. Good information - especially explanatory information - is extremely rare and if available at all very likely in Japanese only. Bondage sensei (master/teacher) and POWERotics chairman Hans Meijer had the good fortune of being taught Shibari the traditional way. He has spend several years developing a system, that makes Shibari easier to understand by western people.

Through a system of symplicifations (without damaging both the cultural aspects as well as the impact of the bondages) and adaptations he has been able to develop a course that can be taught both online and in real life demonstrations and workshops (of which he has done many). The complicated Nawa Shibari (knot tieing technique) has been simplified and adapted to the use of simple but safe and efficient reef knots and the many, many different bondages have been brought down to a series of 25 individual bondages that - used eiter solo or in different combinations - allow for an endless series of variations and combinations, which leaves a lot of room for personal preference, creativity and improvisation.

The course holds over 200 illustrations and visual aids, to help you understand the bondages as well as lots of highly erotic, exclusive pictures from personal collections. Next to this complementary techniques - such as support bondages, hair bondage, nose play and mental aspects are described, as well as all health and safety aspects.

The course will make every dominant interested a well-equiped and skilled Shibari master and will give submissive a good insight in the effects, the health and safety aspects and the training, she herself needs to do to acquire some basic skills, understand the meditational aspects and in general learn to enjoy Shibari.

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