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The D/s lifestyle is quite broad, encompassing many different elements and is expressed differently by each person participating. We understand that in the realm of adult, consensual sexual expression there are no rights or wrongs, merely a continuum of preferences and levels of intensities. As individual an experience as D/s can be, there are common threads, terms and practices. We can all learn from one another, gain insight, learn tips and tricks found effective by others in this lifestyle.

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for the submissive

some rules for the submissive

submissive not stupid

miria hunter
so you want to be a slave: the realities
preparing the gift for giving

submissive souls

the screamer
the slave's prayer

for the dominant

some rules for the dominant

d&s: a dominants point of view

one dominants journey

sir magic
ds lessons i have learned

mistress odette
an interview on dominance

masterful words

fencer cabot
what do doms fear?

life essays

dalai lama

dalai lama's instructions for life

dr. susan block
ten commandments
to a man's pleasure

dr. susan block
ten commandments
to a woman's pleasure

robert g. benson
slut and spiritual sexuality

lizard amazon
advice to a slut

on cheating

sir magic
soulmates and predestined love

d/s and bdsm articles

a collar and its meanings

beginning b&d, sm, d/s
handbooks, essays, links
sm players handbook
beginners guide to
dominance and submission

miria hunter
trust: the foundation
establishing limits: going full circle
safewords: to red or not to red

tammad ramillia

safe, sane, consensual

making the leap from irc to rl

isobel silkwood

not facing reality


living & dying in the d/s lifestyle


bdsm and its relationship to self esteem
featured essays include:
frank's story
"self medicating" with bdsm
co-dependence and power exchange
bdsm myths in our community
the s letters
titles and sm
social or sexual?
old guard
humiliation and sm
hurt vs. harm
signs your partner may be abusive
abuse vs. aggression
dominant vs. asshole
top abuse - yes it can happen
dominant burnout
how not to keep a top happy
nurturing and ds relationships

national bondage club of america

official nbca dictionary


the frugal pervert

tammad ramillia

bdsm play partner check list

jay weisman

dungeon monitor essay

bdsm safety essays

jay weisman
on safety

the screamer

offline/online bdsm safety

online predators and red flags

imput from mdom
importance of a safety net

powererotics foundation
abuse vs. erotic power exchange

more essays and links

focusing on safety

shibari - japanese rope bondage

more site links
lifestyle discussions
opinionated essays

bdsm articles
beginning bdsm

ssubmissive diary
bdsm erotica

bdsm discussions

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