In His Chambers
by sinamin{R}

"Join Me in My chambers";
these words i love to hear,
my Masterís voice is calling me;
beckoning his slave near.

Upon his invitation,
A smile lights up my face;
My Master has requested me
To join him in his place.

i hurry to his chambers,
The way well known to me
And stand outside his doorway,
To wait for him to see.

Finally he speaks the words
My heart has longed to hear;
"you may enter little one"
permission to draw near.

As i glide across the room,
My eyes upon his face;
Pleasure sings within my soul;
i love this special place.

In my Master's chambers,
Down on bended knee,
i wait to serve the man i love,
Who taught me how to be.

Within this room i first became
What i was meant to be;
His slave, his love, his little one
The other half of he.

i cast my eyes around the room
And remember all the days,
My Master shared his wisdom
And taught me of his ways.

His chambers are my classroom,
His teachings fill my mind,
i learn from him and listen
To the truth he helps me find.

Within this room i serve him,
With my body and my heart;
Giving all i am to him,
Denying him no part.

"Join me in my chambers"
are special words to me,
words that call his slut slave
to where she longs to be.

(c) sinamin{R}. All Rights Reserved.

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