by Kree

a journey of exploration begins with a step,
a cautious probing into the unknown.
explorers through time have ventured forth,
for reasons of greed and for shared benefit.
the journey we will take will be one shared,
benefiting us both when reaching our goal.
slowly beginning as you fight the tension,
caused by fear of the unknown sensation.
slowly and carefully with soothing words,
inching our way along this new path.
stepping back to our point of beginning,
holding you close, explaining my pride.
looking into your tear stained, smiling eyes,
explaining that our journey must continue.
pleased as you ready yourself once again,
to offer something new that we will share.
tension returns, then subsides as we begin,
quickly finding the last stop that we made.
traveling far deeper into our exploration,
until the sound of your word calls an end.
holding you close, tears drenching my shirt,
discussing what caused the need to halt.
the trust between us allowing this moment,
as you express your need and desire to go on.
beginning again at the start of our path,
quickly passing previous forks in the road.
watching you closely in startled amazement,
as you whisper softly, "more, Master, more."
now our journey has become complete,
but we both know it will never reach an end.
it will bring back memories of these travels,
each time you whisper, "Master, please take my ass."

(c) Copyright USA Michael Montgomery. October, 1997
All rights reserved

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