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We all have a serious and thoughtful side, #submission_discuss is ours. We invite you all to attend our Sunday evening discussions. We are an IRC wide BDSM discussion channel and all are welcome. The only thing we ask is that you enter with an open mind and a willingness to participate at any level you wish. Also, we ask you keep the {{{hugs}}}, greets and posturing to the main channel as the speakers put a lot of effort into these discussions, and we like to afford them the courtesy of our undivided attention. Another rule we follow here is no one's kink is better than anyone elses. Simply put, an open mind at all times.

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** All views expressed are those of the speakers. We welcome a variety of opinions, and respect everyone's view, although the channel owner/ops may not always agree with it, nor endorse it.

* If you would like to be a speaker on any topic, or would like to let us know of a topic you find of interest, and would like to see discussed here, please write to: kttn . Please put "speaker" or "topic" as the subject.

* To be on our mailing list please write to: discussions Please put "mail" as the subject.

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