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"How and Where To Meet
BDSM Partners"

How do I meet the right partner? Where do I meet my dream submissive or dominant? Ever ask yourself these questions? Then please join us and let us help shed some light on the different outlets available. BDSM personals, munches and events.

KttN - Open Forum
Topic:Meeting The Right BDSM Partner
Date: Thursday October 24th
Where: #submission EFNet
When: 5PM PT / 8PM ET
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Please join us for our continuing series of discussions; future topics include:
Upcoming Discussions:

The Old Guard: With Blossom
In Relation to Slavery
Date & Time TBA

Every wonder about the "good old days"? Were they that good, or even better than any of us can imagine? Blossom is a remarkable woman who will open up to us her many years in slavery. We sometimes hear from Old Guard dominants, but rarely from a slave. As an introduction, please read Blossom's previous discussion.
"Overcoming Childhood Abuse Through BDSM"

Who: Hans Meijer of POWERotics Foundation
Topic: We are discussing many topics with Mr. Meijer, all of which will prove to be of the utmost interest especially with Mr.Meijer's knowledge and long time participation in the lifestyle.
Date: TBA

Who: Jb of TicC Paddles
Topic: Open discussion on Spanking!
Join us for this hot sexy topic and get some tips and tricks from the experts. Jb makes some of the finest spanking tools we have ever seen (eh hem or felt) and we want to share.
Date: TBA

* "Submission 101" with Jay Weisman, author of "SM 101" TBA
Please join us and Jay Weisman as he launches into a new project for the new submissive. On Jay's website you will find many enlightening essays and resources geared towards submissive women new to the BDSM lifestyle. As a note, while this website may be for the novice submissive, we feel it is an excellent site for everyone to visit.
Please visit the
"Submissive Women Kvetch" website at:

Polyamory and How We Make It Work For Us: Open Discussion

Open Q&A with John Warren Author of The Loving Dominant

"Gloria Brame Talks About DOMINA"
Posted Log | DOMINA Exerpt

Q&A With Molly Devon: Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns Author

* Play party/BDSM club etiquette:BDSM toys and accessories included.

* Bottom, to sub, to slave: a transition

* Incorporating BDSM in real life

* Edge Play and the Darks ide

* Japanese Rope Bondage

* Body modification: tattoos, piercings, brands

* IRC scening 101 - better scenes in public & private

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