by joyful
And from the brillance
a shadow cast
and then a promise
that didn't last
I went to this
took from it shade
heard his whisper
and was afraid
Shelter me
my lover unknown
no! she screams
in anquish tone
Wash my body
cleanse my soul
i come to you
bare and whole
Accept me not
take me please
helpless to wonder
sweet release
Rise up for me
hurt me fast
soon it will
just be my past
Tell me lies
bruise my face
leave me weeping
a soul to waste
Do you love
this angel grace
then kiss me now
caress my face
If you love
my rain is sweet
drink it now
and don't retreat
And if you choose
i'll never hide
i'll never seek
another side

Copyright 1997 joyful

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