This is where we try to give credit where credit is due. Well there are just too many to thank here. Truth being, this channel rocks. All you need to do is read the pages to get a slight glimmer as to what #submission is all about. It is the people who make it different from any other D/s and BDSM channel on the net, and we want to hear from you. Your thoughts, suggestions, comments, contributions and opinions matter.

For #submission_discuss topic, speaker or mail, and be sure to put one of those as the subject:

For submissions of fiction, poetry, lifestyle essays, original art, scene reports, pictures, event notices, munches, collar information, etc, we would like to post them for you. Mail to: submission

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Our very own talented lipsy who's artwork graces our pages.
Thank you lipsy for the best illustrations to help make everything special!

Todd Friedman, who's incredible eye captures this lifestyle so beautifully. Please visit his work at:

Designed by KttN, so send anything about the site to me. ICQ suggestions, BDSM sites to be linked, etc. Check out the Anime links and send one to us and a quote so we may add it. Mail to:

Credit goes to:

Everyone who has contributed to this website over the years. You have made it very special.

A special thanks to TheMaSTeR for creating #submission in October of 1995 and making it one the oldest and most successful BDSM channels on the internet today.

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Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You To Everyone That Helped With This!!!!!

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